Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Mental Golf Workshop™ Profile

Question #1) "What level of player is the profile designed for?"

While the profile is designed for players of all levels, our system uses golf terminology that assumes your commitment to the game is reasonably strong.

Question #2) "What is DISC?"

DISC is a very popular personality profile system that is accurate, effective, and user-friendly. Your report presents DISC in golf terminology - no complicated graphs, just straightforward information about you and your game.

Question #3) "What is the 'best' DISC Style?"

There are no good, bad or best DISC styles for playing golf. Your DISC style is an important part of who you are as a golfer - embrace your "style" and learn to use it to your best advantage with the information in this report. Self-knowledge is powerful!

Question #4) "Will I need help in interpreting my profile results?"

The profile is easy to understand and built for self-coaching for players of all levels and all ages. For example, hundreds of youngsters have received profiles through the AJGA and had great success working on their own with the profile.

With that said, reviewing your profile with your instructor or coach is recommended. The old saying, “Two heads are better than one,” certainly applies when it comes to improving your mental game and your performance on the course.

Question #5) "Will the profile point out my mental game strengths and weaknesses?"

Your report describes both the potential strengths and weaknesses of your mental game style. One of the most important keys is understanding how to use the strengths of your mental style to your best advantage. Your report also points out the potential weaknesses of your particular style and gives you customized strategies for improving in those areas.

Question #6) "How can answering so few questions generate such an accurate profile?"

The DISC system is a very accurate model for measuring human behavior. This is why DISC is perhaps the most popular profile system used for coaching people to higher levels of performance in the workplace. While many DISC systems use only the four basic styles – D, I, S or C – the more sophisticated DISC programs use “combination” styles.

We chose this more sophisticated approach for the golf profile and this added flexibility contributes greatly to the accuracy of the golf profiles. Much time and effort went into converting traditional DISC language into meaningful golf terminology so the reports present an accurate picture of you as a golfer.

Question #7) "How many ideas from my report should I implement at one time?"

Your report is quite comprehensive and you'll likely find more potentially helpful strategies than you can implement at any one time. The key is to start with a few strategies you feel will help your game and then add other ones over time.